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Manual of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology 2/e
판매가격  : 80,000원
적립금  : 2,400점
출판사  : ASM
저자  : Demain
발행일  : 1999년
페이지 수  : 830면
ISBN  : 1555811280
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Sect. I. Cultures

1. Isolation of Cultures
By J. C. Hunter-Cevera, Angela Belt
2. Screening for Activities
By Leeyuan Huang, Siobhan Stevens-Miles, Russell B. Lingham

3. Culture Preservation and Inoculum Development
By R. L. Monaghan, M. M. Gagliardi, S. L. Streicher

4. Small-Scale Liquid Fermentations
By Matthew D. Hilton

5. Small-Scale Solid-State Fermentations
By Kazuo Sato, Shigetoshi Sudo

6. Experimental Design for Improvement of Fermentations
By R. J. Strobel, G. R. Sullivan

7. Cell and Enzyme Immobilization
By Atsuo Tanaka, Takuo Kawamoto

8. Strain Improvement by Nonrecombinant Methods
By Victor A. Vinci, Graham Byng

9. Culture and Analysis Using Gel Microdrops
By James C. Weaver

10. Cultivation of Hyperthermophilic and Extremely Thermoacidophilic Microorganisms
By Kristina D. Rinker, Chae J. Han, Michael W. W. Adams
Contributors: "et al."

Sect. II. Processes
11. Anaerobic Fermentations
By Eric A. Johnson

12. Continuous Culture
By An-Ping Zeng

13. Methods for Biocatalysis and Biotransformations
By P. C. Michels, J. P. N. Rosazza

14. Mammalian Cell Culture
By Madhusudan V. Peshwa

15. Plant Cell Culture
By Nancy L. Paiva

16. Insect Cell Cultures
By Terry K. Ng

17. Raw Materials Selection and Medium Development for Industrial Fermentation Processes
By Samun K. Dahod

18. Instrumentation of Small-Scale Bioreactors
By Bernhard Sonnleitner

19. Scale-Up of Microbial Processes
By Masahiko Hosobuchi, Hiroji Yoshikawa

20. Data Analysis
By John Barford, Peng-Cheng Fu

Sect. III. Downstream Processes
21. Isolation and Identification of Small Molecules
By Donald B. Borders

22. Purification and Characterization of Proteins
By Richard C. Willson

23. Economics
By Harold B. Reisman

24. Introduction to Bioprocess Simulation
By D. P. Petrides, R. Nir, J. Calandranis
Contributors: "et al."

25. Biosafety and Biotechnology
By Daniel F. Liberman, Richard Fink, Frederick Schaefer

26. Intellectual Property
By Jennifer Gordon

27. Pilot Plant
By Bruce K. Hamilton, Edward M. Sybert, John T. Ross

28. Quality Assurance and Quality Control
By Rhys Bryant

29. Contract Fermentations
By Richard I. Mateles

Sect. IV. Genetics
30. Genetics of Streptomyces
By Gunther Muth, Dirk Franz Brolle, Wolfgang Wohlleben

31. Genetics of Non-Streptomyces Actinomycetes
By L. Dijkhuizen

32. Corynebacteria
By Juan F. Martin, Jose A. Gil

33. Molecular Biology and Genetics of Bacillus spp.
By Sierd Bron, Rob Meima, Jan Maarten van Dijl
Contributors: "et al."

34. Filamentous Fungi
By Jae-Hyuk Yu, Thomas H. Adams

35. Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Genetics and Genomics
By Anna Astromoff, Mark Egerton

36. Genetics of Non-Saccharomyces Industrial Yeasts
By Jan Wery, Jan C. Verdoes, Albert J. J. van Ooyen

37. Genetic Engineering of Nonpathogenic Pseudomonas Strains as Biocatalysts for Industrial and Environmental Processes
By Juan M. Sanchez-Romero, Victor de Lorenzo

38. Clostridia
By Margaret L. Mauchline, Tom O. Davis, Nigel P. Minton

Sect. V. Recombinant DNA Applications
39. Bacterial Genomics and Genome Informatics
By Paul R. Rosteck, Jr., Bradley S. DeHoff, Franklin H. Norris
Contributors: "et al."

40. Investigations of Streptomycetes Using Tools of Recombinant DNA Technology
By Hildgund Schrempf

41. Recombinant DNA Applications in Thermophiles
By Volker Mai, Juergen Wiegel

42. Zygosaccharomyces rouxii
By Yasuji Oshima, Hiroyuki Araki, Haruhiko Mori
Contributors: "et al."

43. Reconstruction of Mammalian Nuclear Receptor Function in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
By Tauseef R. Butt, J. Don Chen

44. Design and Assembly of Polycistronic Operons in Escherichia coli
By Charles Hershberger, Elaine A. Best, Jane Sterner
Contributors: "et al."

45. In Vivo Folding of Recombinant Proteins in Escherichia coli
By Francois Baneyx

46. Expression of G Protein-Coupled Receptors in Microorganisms
By R. Jockers, A. D. Strosberg

47. Selection of Escherichia coli Hosts That Are Optimized for the Overexpression of Proteins
By John E. Walker, Bruno Miroux

48. The Mechanisms of mRNA Degradation in Bacteria and Their Implication for Stabilization of Heterologous Transcripts
By Urban Lundberg, Vladimir Kaberdin, Alexander von Gabain

49. Methods for Optimizing Industrial Enzymes by Directed Evolution
By Huimin Zhao, Jeffrey C. Moore, Alex A. Volkov
Contributors: "et al."

50. Metabolic Pathway Engineering of Aromatic Compounds
By Richard J. LaDuca, Alan Berry, Gopal Chotani
Contributors: "et al."

51. Polyhydroxyalkanoates: Biodegradable Polymer
By Sang Yup Lee, Jong-Il Choi

Sect. VI. Environmental Biotechnology
52. Bioprospecting
By Joy E. M. Watts, Annaliesa S. Huddleston-Anderson, Elizabeth M. H. Wellington

53. Biological Control of Foliar Pathogens and Pests with Bacterial Biocontrol Agents
By Steven E. Lindow, Mark Wilson

54. Biomarkers and Bioreporters To Track Microbes and Monitor Their Gene Expression
By Janet K. Jansson, Frans J. de Bruijn

55. Bioremediation
By Ronald M. Atlas, Ronald Unterman

56. Microbial Biodiversity: Strategies for Its Recovery
By James M. Tiedje, Jeffrey L. Stein

57. Deliberate Release of Recombinant Microorganisms
By M. J. Bailey, A. K. Lilley, I. P. Thompson
Contributors: "et al."

58. Biofilms and Biocorrosion
By Madilyn Fletcher

Sect. VII. Secondary Metabolites
59. Metabolic Engineering of Antibiotic Biosynthetic Pathways
By Anurag Khetan, Wei-Shou Hu

60. Cloning and Analysis of Regulatory Genes Involved in Streptomycete Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis
By Wendy Champness

61. Genes for the Biosynthesis of Microbial Secondary Metabolites
By Guido Meurer, C. Richard Hutchinson

62. Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogens
By Joyce A. Sutcliffe, John P. Mueller, Eric A. Utt

63. Genetics of Bacteriocins Produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria and Their Use in Novel Industrial Applications
By G. E. Allison, T. R. Klaenhammer

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